The Crown Diamond and Sacred Geometry

The mathematics of the Crown Diamond generates geometries that shoot off in all directions, especially as determined by the angles belonging to the seven stars of Revelation's seven Churches of Asia. These stars are formed by lines drawn within the boundaries of the symbol Adam Kadmon, the Key of David: it is the symbol of the Tree of Life carried on the shoulders of the cosmos.

Not a mathematician by any means, I can only marvel at the movements of shapes and the interplay of numbers implied by the display; and I look forward to a day when all share a foundation supportive of these things. For the moment, however, I must-- along with most of you, I suspect-- be content to bring forward what has been placed into my hands, offering those observations that come to mind.

I trust you will find these pages as interesting as I do: all these shapes and dynamics derive from a common measurement, the cubit of a man, which is the width of the symbol for the Tree of Life when it is drawn in scale with the measurements provided for Noah's Ark.

Every polygon in these displays is implied by the measured width of the Key of David as that cubit's length falls repeatedly, end-to-end, as points along the circumferences of circles whose radiuses equal the length of a measurement equal to a line drawn within Adam Kadmon from Kether (topmost point) to the sphere at which the line is terminated. Tracing the marks of the cubit in the circles thus formed produces the regular polygons and stars.


The Head of the Corner and the way of the Double Dalet

The Unified Circles of Being

Five Sides and Ten

Six Sides and Twelve

Seven Sides

Eight Sides and Four

Nine Sides
Measurements not Taken

Eleven Sides

Fourteen Sides

The Circles of Becoming