. . . gold/wisdom, spice/pleasure, and semi-precious jewels/insights . . .

. . . the land is good;
but the waters flow on, leaving in their wake stars whose extrapolations remain unmeasured at this time.







. . . I am with you, always . . .





The regular nine-point star is discovered by following the logic that produced the stars of the seven churches of Asia, except that the measurements are taken from the horizontal Adam Kadmons within the Crown Diamond display.

This lateral series of diagrams adds to the vertical perspective the sense of a spiral movement: indeed, "Havilah" can be interpreted as "the downward spiral."

There are to be found in the land of Havilah gold, spice, and semi-precious jewels; but the waters flow on from the Garden to water the whole earth. Thus, this series of measurements is noted, but not particularly explored (see message to the angelic seat at Laodicea).



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