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Six Points


With each of the stars of the Seven Churches of Asia, there is a measurement and a focus that invokes the Shield of David: the Anointed Shepherd King does not forsake the flock as it forages the fields of Earth. This particular location of the Shield on the Crown Diamond display attends the focus of the church at Ephesus.

The lowering of the Shield of David depicted on the Crown Diamond display to the right is a function of focus and measurement belonging to the star of the church at Pergamos.

The Mogan Dawid is formed by the intersection of ascending and descending dalets, in accordance with the Hebrew meanings of David's name: "fervent lover; door joining/opening unto door; heart united with heart." The dalets of the Crown Diamond are equilateral traingles equal to six times the mass of the tip of Adam Kadmon, the Key of David.

In its movements upon the Crown Diamond as determined by the particular focuses and measurements pertaining to the stars of the Churches of Asia, we are reminded of the movements of the Spirit in Mashiyach, as it searches the hearts of men.






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