Seven Churches of Asia:

Slaying Dragons of the Soul

The Light
That Lights Everyone
Coming into the World


These illustrations represent the "stars" of the churches, whose dynamics are understood to exist within each individual. These links will take you through the individual church stars and through the messages to the Churches of Asia, as recorded in Revelation, KJV.

Thoughts & Focuses of the Churches:








Am Yisrael


Yahushúa speaks not only of the angels of the Churches of Asia, but also of the stars of the seven churches. These "stars" are the manifested expressions of the seven spirits incarnate within each soul, sharing the bodily seats of the seven Spirits of Elohim that sustain the human tabernacle. The symbols of these stars are hidden within Adam Kadmon: precisely seven stars can be drawn within the vertical parameters of the symbol, with Kether as point of origin.

The seven stars of Asia delineate expedient points of focus for believers as we continue on the spiritual path to perfection, enabling us to trace the ministering movements of the Spirits of Elohim within our souls and bodies. The ordered flow of the seven Spirits in man is demonstrated visually by the fact that all ten sephiroth of Adam Kadmon can be transected by seven lines, beginning at Kether.

However, as light is refracted in passage through a medium of non-uniform density, so are the Spirits of Elohim impinged within the imperfect soul. This study, in conjunction with the messages to the Churches of Asia, will be useful in orienting the mind towards recognition and acceptance of the harmony and wisdom of divine order.

These pages present the stars themselves, their stellar extrapolations beyond the dimensions of the Crown Diamond, and the relationships of the points of the seven stars to the twenty-four elders of Revelation. Note the sequential aspect of the seven stars in the graphics at the top of this page: it reveals much concerning the actions of Ruach haElohim with regards to the perfection of soul: the stars first complete a fall, and they then begin to regain the heights from which they have fallen. The seventh star is aligned to the Shield of David vertically, but falls short of its measurement horizontally-- that is, in relation to man.

Several pages between this text and the illustrations examining the implications of the stars of the Churches of Asia, themselves, seem not to belong. The first series of such drawings demonstrates the relationship of the circle to the Crown Diamond, providing also the mathematical key to the entire system of drawings. These pages were included because the circle, itself, becomes so important to this study. The second series shows regular five- and nine-point stars, which travel alongside the primary system of diagrams in a parallel logic.

The regular five-point star is implied by the cubit of the Crown Diamond as it lies along a circle whose circumference equals the interior sides of the Mogan Dawid comprising the center of the Crown Diamond, which represents the Throne of Elohim-- the bosom of Avraham. The six-point star corresponds to the physical form of man: it is fitting, then, that the five-point star should be demonstrated to have originally occupied wholly his interior, as the "man" was formed first, and as "woman" was taken out of man.

The nine-point star and other versions of the six-point star appear by locating the seven stars interior to Adam Kadmon horizontally rather than vertically, using the cubit of the side at the sides. These are stars of the synagogues of Satan-- of the Adversary. There will be little commentary on these aspects of the drawings because of the teaching at Genesis 49:6. Suffice it to say that these courts, not explored by me, represent "organized" religion, which tends towards humanism. Extrapolations of measurements taken at the sides of the Crown Diamond comprise the land of Havilah. There are riches there; and they are good, but the waters of life move beyond its boundaries.

The regular nine-point star, like the pentagram, is also understood in terms of the Adamic mystery. We have seen that the Crown Diamond can be extended unto infinity without distortion, and that the effect of the diagonal Adam Kadmons implied by the Mogan Dawid of the Crown Diamond is to add to this expansion capability the movement of a regular spiral.

This implication is supported in scripture by the translation of "Havilah"-- a land encompassed by Pishon, a river that flows from the Eden that is Above-- as "the downward spiral." The nine-point star is drawn with three equilateral triangles, and the simplest way to suggest spiral movement is to space three such triangles evenly along the circumference of a circle. Understood by implication in the Crown Diamond itself, this star appears via the sanctuarial cubit at the sides.

The pages showing extrapolations of six-, eight-, eleven-, seven-, and fourteen-point stars came by circumscribing the major angles of the stars of the Churches of Asia, and by then marking the vertical cubit of the Crown Diamond as it traveled the various circumferences thus obtained. The final step was to join the points thereby located around the circles in what logical manners suggested themselves.

Note that the seven-point star is formed by a doubled measurement, resulting in a reduction, as it were, of the fourteen-point star. This liberty was taken because it seemed reasonable and because there is like precedent in the Shield of David as it speaks of the tribes of Yisrael and of the Apostles (six points are delineated by twelve peripheral lines). Note, also, that the vertical cubit of Adam Kadmon reappears in the center of the seven-point star's most elaborate form, the Morning Star of the Plains Indians of North America (Rev. 22:16).

The many-circled illustrations of the pages on each of the seven Churches of Asia show the relationship of the points of the stars to the twenty-four elders, which are as faces of the Unity which is Elohim. The progression of these circles suggests the coordinated ministries of Law and Prophets, Father and Son, to bring each aspect of man unto the perfection of its measurement in Messiah.

The study of the stars of the seven Churches of Asia speaks of the action of stability in the infinite upon instability, which appears as stability in the finite. Are not those of the Churches of Asia commanded to overcome? In the process of perfection, they eat of the Tree of Life and are freed from the sting of death, which leads to a new name and power over those nations (natural processes) that are not aligned with the pattern of Yisrael; they are married in Messiah and are positioned in the heavenly Temple until they are called to rest in the Throne of Father and Son, at which time they are no more of the Churches of Asia, but are become the very pattern of the precious stone of Yisrael, having come to the full stature of Messiah Yahushúa, the express image of Elohim.

With this end in mind, the pages showing the extrapolated stars depict the Churches of Asia in the mode of introspection, if you will-- examining themselves in terms of themselves: sometimes aligning, or approaching alignment, with the pattern of the Tree of Life, but often not. These projections are not pictured in all of their variations. For example, the extrapolations locate at different levels vertically, depending upon the angle or conjunction of angles used as focus. They can also be drawn in the ratios formed by the sanctuarial Adam Kadmons at the side.

In this remarkable display of ordered instability, one observation is important: each of the seven stars pertaining to man contains a perspective and measurement that produces a regular Shield of David based on the vertical cubit, the cubit of mastery. Though it be hidden as leaven, the narrow way of the measurement of Messiah is ever present. This insight has added depth to my understanding of the scripture that says, "No one can take them out of my Father's hand."

I will allow myself a final remark on the pages showing the coordinated spiritual influences of the elders of Revelation upon the Churches of Asia. As the elders participate in the perfection of the churches, they retain their crowns-- their differentiations, one from another-- and greatly influence the focuses of the various churches, whose centers vary according to their perspectives/insights; and whose radiuses, or limits of perception, vary in terms of the dimensions of the stars themselves.

When their work is done and the time of overcoming is fully come, the elders cast their crowns before the Throne of Elohim, crying, "How long?" This prayer for the elect within each man signifies that, though authority and dominion are delegated to us in Messiah, we are worthy of the trust only as we are able to render again our stewardship in faithful fruitfulness to the Source. Surely, we are to pray for our enemies; for he who curses the adversary curses his own soul. I am reminded of Shmuel's song, "In united order, Yahúwah comes."