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Eleven Points

Connecting the eleven points in the left-hand display portrays the exterior dynamics and points of correlation of a focus belonging to the star of the church at Sardis and at Smyrna. The drawing suggests a physical, mental, and spiritual balance of sorts, an optimal stasis. This field particularly impacts the focus of the ears, its base in the lungs. It suggests persistent disorientation.

The alternate means of connecting the eleven points demonstrated in the right-hand illustration narrows the spirit's focus considerably, but at the expense of peripheral fluidity. Concepts arising from this focus would seem less interrelated, and the inward push of the hendecagram seems to empower, also, its outward points, giving the whole the suggestion of dynamic change. It's also interesting to note that the inward circle being formed diminishes the cubit of the vertical Adam Kadmons within the Crown Diamond display, thus applying significant pressure at the roots of sensation. It suggests anxious anticipation.

As stated in the presentation on nine-point stars, the mathematics of the Crown Diamond and the relationships of the stars pertaining to both the Churches of Asia and the land of Havilah have not been thoroughly examined. Neither a kabbalist nor a mathematician, I can only point the way to further study. The mathematics of the Western alphabets, as situated on the Crown Diamond ought also to be subjected to further analysis.

These illustratiions above circumscribe the four middle points of the Sardis star and the four lower points of the Smyrna star. Many approaches to measurement of CrownDiamond dynamics come to mind. Each offers hope of reward. In the case of the acute hendecagram, note that its center compels a focus on the crux of the matter: the bosom of Abraham, the throne of Yahúwah Elohénu, Father of All. Barak-El!











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