The Crown Diamond of the Believers' Tree of Life:
The Measurement of the Tabernacle of David
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For those with no interest in the narrative presented on this site, the Crown Diamond Diagrams and Illustrations are available without commentary in zip format as a free download.

Sequential chapters of the crown diamond book in html format:

To HaShem: a Dedication

Moon Parable: a Foreword

Preface for the Child of God

1: Approaching Adam Kadmon

2: The Sephiroth

3: The Sephiroth: a Second Look

4: The Sermon on the Mount:
Its Resonance in the Sephirot

5: The Falling Away:
The Carnal Legacy of the First Adam


6: The Howl of Whole Palestinia

7: Selah:
Awaiting a Clear Path
To the Banks of Jordan

8: The Good Reports:
Making the Crooked Straight:

Caleb's Report,

Joshua's Report

9: Selah:
Standing Still in Jordan's Overflow
At the Time of Harvest


10: Back in the Wilderness:
and the Rough Places Plain:
To the Churches at Ephesus,

Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira,
Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea

11: Beyond Yordan:
the Seventh Day Before Yircho

12: Angels on the Rise

13: The Scarlet Thread

Zeal: an Afterword

Other Sayings