The Seven Circles: 360 x 7 = 2520

2520 = The Least Common Multiple of the Cardinal Numbers:


2520 / 1 = 2520

2520 / 2 = 1260

2520 / 3 = 840

2520 / 4 = 630

2520 / 5 = 504

2520 / 6 = 420

2520 / 7 = 360

2520 / 8 = 315

2520 / 9 = 280

2520 / 10 = 250

Building on the logic of the adjacent circles that, distributed around its circumference, embed the Shield of David, we add lines running parallel to the Shield's interior structure to connect the outer circles' perimeters. The additional hexagon so formed results in six additional diamonds, in which could be located complete replicas of the diagram. While visualizing the center point of the Shield's interior, the suggestion of a cube becomes more apparent.

Note that David's Shield, itself, is a cross of three diamond shapes. Note, also, that each point in David's Star can serve as the head of an Adam Kadmon drawn to the scale of Noah's ark. Solomon's Seal was derived through perception of the cube; along with the well-known Metatron's Cube and all things that come from above, understanding of significance comes by the littles. It is good that it is so: a deluge of information would overwhelm, risking that memory should become bereft of details.

Sacred Geometry


When the implied cube centered in the seven circles is completed, multiple locations for additional diamonds appear: crossing one another, three upon three. As focus is both distanced from and fixed upon the center point, formation of larger diamonds congruent with those of the Shield of David becomes apparent; and the centers of the six peripheral circles provide the impulse and the mathematics for further extension in multiple directions. The circle and each side of a cube share a total of three hundred and sixty degrees, and the cube's effect is to spin the mathematics of this system of symbols into the third dimension and beyond, with the dynamics of the Tree of Life remaining concealed, everywhere within, along with the hidden stars of the churches of Asia. Thus, the system's possible extension capabilities rival the scope and scale of the physical universe, known and unknown.

New Yahrushaliem, is described as a perfect cube in the Book of Revelation: a blossoming of the circle of life. The diamond shapes that shall continue to unfurl in the extension process as it moves beyond the seven circles fills the original circles with implicit cubes, each of which contains six potential Kether courts. This maps the way to numberless permutations, in demonstration that the salient components of the Crown Diamond, as well as the whole, share the potential of infinite extension. The seven circles reappear at the conclusion of this section, representing the organizational stability of the seven spirits of Elohénu as they send ripples through the cosmos Note, here, that each discrete mansion within the growing cubical city is a miniature replication of the whole, containing numerous images of the Dalet-of the Door--, by which can be reconstructed every essential line in the Crown Diamond display.

Churches of Asia