The Tree of Knowledge


Adam Kadmon:

The Projection of Man
The Tree of Life
"Adam Kadmon" can be translated as "The Projection of Man." Yahushúa is the Projection of YH-- of the godhead. Because man is fashioned in God's likeness, the symbol of the Tree of Life is understood to represent, simultaneously, both man and Yahushúa, the spiritual projection/emanation of YHWH Elohénu. Very ancient, the symbol stands at the core of Jewish mysticism, and underlies biblical prophecy. The dynamics of the Tree of Life therefore are encoded in the Hebrew, the Christian, and the Muslim scriptures. Understanding the symbol's logic is fundamental to study of the dynamics of the Crown Diamond.
Approaches of disciplines that address study of the symbol for the Tree of Life are available from diverse sources; but it is only when Adam Kadmon is drawn to the biblical scale of Noah's Ark
(50 by 300 cubits, a ratio of 1 to 6)
that its true parameters blossom.


As above, so below.
 With roots in both Heaven and Earth, the image of the Tree of Life is not forbidden to sons of the covenant-- those who are found to be in agreement with the inward witness of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, it is useful to remember that one does not partake of its fruits without damage by lapsing into violation of the first commandment. With HaShem YHWH as the focus, however, one may safely eat of the Faces of One that are revealed in the Position of the Son, feeding directly at the hand of the Father, as did our elder brother Y'Shúa. A presentation on images and Torah and scriptural references, generally, is available at: Ex.: 20:25.
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