Standing Still in the Overflow of Jordan at the Time of Harvest

Well, our time as spies in Canaan was not so difficult as I imagined it would be when the Spirit told me we should go. I'm pretty worn out-- especially as the Kadmonites seemed to get the worst of it; but I trust we will be able to continue together for a while, yet: we will need to review the thirteenth report on the land of promise, which came by John the Revelator. The message to the churches of Asia will strengthen us all to press on. To overcome is to enter into the perfect rest of YHWH.

Before proceeding, we will need to consider the Canaanites a little more closely. The dwelling places of ten nations are given for us to possess, but only seven are to be driven completely out of the promised land-- out of the tabernacle of flesh-- for the sake of its perfection in the service of the house made without hands. Further, these seven do not correspond precisely with the listing of ten. The expulsion of the seven is the threshing of the ten; and what remains on the threshing floor will have been thoroughly purged of all qualities contrary to the measurement of Yisrael.

The reports of Caleb and Joshua prepared us to make the kinds of distinctions that shall be necessary to sift the seven from the ten. We could sense that not all of the Canaanite qualities are, in every context, without merit; careful pruning and appropriate fertilization would make some of those traits fruitful in the service of Life.

Every characteristic of Canaan obstructing or hopelessly obscuring the center path is to be driven utterly out. Like the husks covering kernels of wheat, such garments belong to the coverings of darkness characteristic of the uncircumcision. No place for these will be found in Yisrael, the Body of Messiah: cowardice, egoism, opportunism, tyranny-- all are antithetical to the measurement of Yahushúa haMashiyach. They must go by acts of Yah, in the circumcision made without hands.

I had intended to pass upwards through Canaan on the center path, the second time around. This path, dominated by the narrow way leading from Malkuth to Yesod and through Tipareth to Kether, brings one from a broad focus upon ten spheres to a narrower focus upon the seven levels in which the spheres are positioned.

Seen as a succession of spiritual levels, Adam Kadmon symbolizes Jacob's Ladder. The points of these levels, as found along the center path, symbolize the seven chakras of Hindic traditions. Centered in the spinal column, these seven interior rungs facilitate the promise that "you shall see the heaven opened and angels of Elohim ascending and descending upon the Son of Man."


It is well that the Spirit opposed me in my plan to act as guide for the center path. The successful journey through the seven levels of awareness concerning the seven spirits of Elohim-- who is One: YHWH Echad-- comes only by the positioning of Yahushúa; for He has already made that journey ahead of us and is Master of the Way. It remains only for us to follow, as He asks.

It will be expedient, however, for us to consider briefly some differences between the seven and the ten. Seven/Z signifies rest, completion; ten/y signifies activities-- the manifestations of underlying power and authority. When the stasis represented by the seven is disrupted (driven out), the ten are susceptible to purification. The complacency of bondage must be broken, that the activities of the nations (of the biological processes of life) can be transformed according to the measurement of Yisrael, the firstborn.

Of the Kenizzites (hunters) and Kenites (warriors), it is the Hivites that are to be first winnowed, then driven out. The Hivites are, literally, the progeny of Eve. As Eve is a figure of the church, we conclude that the Hivites are those whose searching and warring is not according to the Father's Spirit. They reckon their lineage by blood, and their doctrines are learned by rote: they calibrate their lights by father and mother. The Hivites are the trappings of carnality and their warfare is abomination, because their converts are even worse than they-- following mere reports of reported teachings and never encountering matters of Spirit firsthand.

Of the Kadmonites (ancestor worshippers) and the Hittites (terrorists), it is the Hittites that are to be driven out. With the Hivites gone, blood ancestors are understood in their true dimensions as spiritual archetypes (lively stones comprising One House), and the basis for the terrorism of one people against another is removed. All are perceived as being brothers, and reconciliation replaces destruction as the remedy for differences.

Of the Rephaims (sycophants) and the Amorites (exhibitionists), it is the Amorites that are to be driven out. When all mankind is perceived as the offspring of the heavenly Father, whose patrimony is Life itself, idolization of an individual is no longer possible. The strengths and blessings given to any individual are seen as revelation of the Father's presence in that one life, to be shared and celebrated by all. Exhibitionism (pride of self) is antithetical to this perception, and it must go.

The elimination of the seven nations of Canaan is by the shaking of heaven (mind, thought) and earth (body, experience). What remains will be the perfection of the Son, the full measurement of Yah's Salvation. YHWH will overturn: until he to whom the kingdom belongs appears. As we follow, now, Yahushúa along the center path that leads to full reconciliation with HaShem, let us gladly open our hearts and minds to the Father's scrutiny and the Son's ministrations. In doing so, we will arise; and we shall shine, for our Light is come. Baruch HaShem!

Chapter 10