Progression from Adam Kadmon to the Crown Diamond


(1) Adam Kadmon is formed by the juxtaposition of three diagonal crosses atop three vertical crosses, even as the interior of Adam Kadmon, itself, also contains three crosses. Extending the lines results in formation of a Mogan Dawid. 


(2) As the vertical lines implied by the intersection of the Mogan Dawid with the diagonals are added, you can sense the formation of two additional courts at the wings of David's Shield : courts identical to the Tipareth court of Adam Kadmon. A fourth Tipareth court sitting is forming at the top of the shield.


(3) Adding that horizontal, it's clear that an inverted Adam Kadmon is implied within and, also, below the original.


(4) By completing the implied Adam Kadmon above and sealing the extensions with the diagonals at the half-cubit measurement intersecting the upper and the lower Malkuth, the Crown Diamond is completed.


Adam Kadmon