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El-paran (Ayil-parawn)
of glorification/ .

Notaricon: a focus/ that yields/ mature/ utterances/ of concepts/ devolving from the thoughts/ of a Son of Man/.

Gematria, (372)/: Wisdom suffuses the soul.
Numerological Value, (75)/: full enlightenment.

Targum: an elevation/aliyah/ascension/(3)/ provides substance/(12)/ to doctrinal concepts/(21)/
and leads to resolution/(39)/ of worrisome obstructions/(57)/
of transformation within the birth process/(93)/
and to delightful progress/(93)/ towards the promise of perfection/(57)/

through corrections that resolve/(39)/ the tumultous pressures/(21)/ afflicting a soul/(12)/
in transcendence/(3)/.

See ram/lya; Paran/nrap.

My days witnessed the re-emergence at Qumran of the Ancient Hebrew script, with discovery of the Hebrew scriptures preserved in the original, Sinaitic Alefbet. Subsequently, it has been my pleasure to prepare and to provide to the public both the Paleo-Hebrew Torah and, more recently, the accepted Hebrew canon displayed in the Ketav Levonah of Moshe and the prophets. Dictionaries based on original Hebrew are being prepared or considered, that humanity might guage the differences between what has been preserved by tradition and what has been recently discovered. When considering the Written Word's literalisims, I salute those who preserved the Oral Tradition through the work of Ezra and the Masoretes: such as they have been found to be, for the most part at the very least, faithful stewards of the treasures with which they were entrusted. The core Oral Tradition, upheld by so many translations, establishes the foundation from which so many beliefs and value systems arise; and the Paleo-Hebrew script is the bedrock upon which that massive foundation rests: all who wrestle with holy writ have built upon it, and will so continue to build, until the magnificent structure of the base is magnified to its fullest possible entent.

This online dictionary, along with all other crowndiamond.org materials, is available to the public as a free download in zip format. Installation of the Hebrew Font is useful. The organization is complete, although the work has barely begun. The files are prepared using Adobe PageMaster software and can be imported into any browser. More importantly, they can be imported to any html editor; and existing files can be used to make additions or corrections and to serve as templates to add entries. I invite all serious students of Hebrew to consider using this resource as a means to keep record of growing understandings of the Letters of Light fashioned as faces of Elohim; for the Light of Yah invested in the inscriptions is visible this very day and will shine throughout eternity. It remains for us to measure that Light.

The Oral Tradition is the base. That tradition is greatly supported by notaricon of the Ancient Hebrew. Bases are platforms for building. Meanings evolve as the letters dance. Enjoy. Forever. Take your place upon the Tree of Glorification in remembrence of YHWH as declared by Yah, whose voice is made audible to all by the Projection of YHWH into Creation. It is Yah who strides the heavens as Yahushua, our Lord, and who, hidden among us, daily walks the earth in the path of Y'shua, our brother, as it is written, "Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool." Unexpressable, the beauty of the hosts of Yah.

Baruch HaShem.


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