m Torah in the Original Mesha Script m



These links lead to the five books of Torah in html format.

You will need to install the Paleo-Hebrew font
appropriate to your machine to make
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Links to PDF versions of the Law and the Prophets
are also provided. All downloads are free.

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HTML Torah


Genesis, html

Exodus, html

Leviticus, html

Numbers, html

Deuteronomy, html


"In the beginning, Elohim created the Heavens and the Earth."


Download the Paleo-Hebrew Torah in pdf format.

Download the pdf files of individual Paleo-Hebrew scrolls.

Download the Interlinear Genesis, displaying the Sinaitic and Ezra scripts.

Download the pdf file of the complete Hebrew canon in the Sinaitic script.



Note: the scriptures offered above are transcriptions, not transliterations. The tools for transliteration were not available when the work began in the late eighties. The complete canon was finished just last year, and transliterations from other sources are now vailable online. The resource found here is particularly useful because of its interlinear features. Transliterations are assumed to be more reliable, as significant manipulation of the Hebrew text was required for these transcriptions; and errors creep in, unawares, despite diligence. These texts, however, are presented to the public without price in a font that accurately reflects the Paleo letters in a design that clearly reflects the holy script as it positions itself upon the symbol widely recognized to represent the Tree of Life.

The huml transcriptions can be imported into any html editor; and from there, into any word processor, where they can be corrected or transformed as need requires. Programmers are invited to provide links to the Strong's numbering system and to whatever other resources can be conveniently referenced.