Torah in the Original Mesha Script

While putting the Crown Diamond revelation on paper, I was led to a messianic fellowship utilizing the Paleo-Hebrew script, which they called Ketav Levonah, or the Writings of Light. Immediately, I perceived that this most ancient of Western alphabets is integral to the Crown Diamond display, as demonstrated in the Alphabet pages.

Eventually, I became instrumental in formatting and editing early editions of the Bet HaShem Torah Dictionary, which examines Torah word forms in light of their hieroglyphic meanings in the kabbalistic art of notaricon. The additional Torah dimension provided by Ancient Hebrew was so rewarding that I compiled a Torah manuscript transliterated into the Paleo-Hebrew script for study purposes. That version is available on this site at the download center. The eigth edition of the Bet HaShem dictionary is available at the Bet HaShem website, which includes additional language resources. That work has taken a different direction than the dictionary, which has a different focus, but shares a similar approach.

Web hypertext technology makes it possible to create an online version of Torah that will link dictionary definitions with the actual Torah text. The first step in working towards providing that resource, was to create the html Torah. The next step, now underway, will be completion of the hypertext Torah dictionary; and the final step will be linking the Paleo-Hebrew definitions to the online text.

To use the html Torah, you need to install the Paleo-Hebrew font appropriate to your computer's platform. Having the font installed on your machine will enable you to benefit fully from this restoration. To download the font for your machine, select your browser's download-to-disk option for the version you need.

HTML Torah

In the beginning, Elohim created the heavens and the Earth.






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