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Bora Finton, P.O. Box 57
Kiahsville, WV 25534-0057 USA

Bora served with Shmuel ben Aharon-Wahli as co-compiler of the Torah Dictionary while with Bet HaShem Midrash. Having also prepared and proofed BHM's Ancient Hebrew Torah, he is currently preparing a dictionary based on numerological and gematria definitions of biblical word forms.

Download the Dalet Edition
Nazarene Home Page
  Alan Cranshaw is a "Keeper of the Way." His site focuses on the interior applications of the scriptures. The kingdom is within you, and Alan's walk in the vow of the Nazir has prepared him to teach concerning the narrow path within the individual.
Work of the Chariot Trust
  Translations of many kabbalist texts into English, by an anonymous master; presented in both html and in downloadable pdf formats.  
Good News!
  I so agree! I learned of this group by being blind-copied, and I'm very pleased I took the time to read some of their material. They reach many of the same conclusions as I, but approach the scriptures somewhat differently-- not that one way is better than another, in this case. Viewpoints vary, but the message is the same; and our understandings are grappling with the realization that, indeed, HaShem didn't make earth in vain, but to be inhabited.
History and Commentary
On the Treee of Life

Miy good friend Michael introduced me to kabbalah and gave the Crown Diamond its name. The vehicle of Michael's teachings is a focus on principles of kabbalah as pertains to past and current events, examining implications for the future.

Michael was gathered to his fathers in August of 2004. I recommend an extensive visit to his website, which is presented as chapters.


Sacred Geometry
Home Page

Bruce Rawles approaches sacred geometry as a mathematician, and his site crunches the numbers on the mathematics underlying the permutations of the Crown Diamond display.

I'm still catching up in this department; so take a look for yourself, and me know what you think.

Evolution of Alphabets
  Dr. Robert A. Fradkin sees the alphabets of Western man as the evolutionary products of human intellect, whereas the stated Crown Diamond view is that they are results of divine revelation. Both views are correct; for "now we see in part . . . but when that which is perfect is come, then that which is imperfect shall pass away." What is revealed is the sacred geometry. When our perceptions equal the perfection of the geometry, itself, then we will have arrived at the pure language and pure speech of prophecy. Professor Fradkin's web page shows the progression of human perceptions of the alefbet.
  This site presents much of the wonderful lore of the modern Hebrew script. The link takes you directly to an illustrated page demonstrating the reason for the meanings attributed to the block script, but I invite you also to browse the home page.
  Joe Mason and Dee Finney enthusiastically record their dreams and those of their friends. While reading accounts of the dreams, you encounter links that branch responsibly in many directions. This link will take you to a presentation on The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation.  

Hebrew Calendar
  United Hebrew Congregations presents both historical and modern understandings of calendars, with regards to proper times for the moadim. Their view is corroborated also in the Book of Enoch, which speaks of differing patterns of observance among the ancients. The appointed feasts ought not to be determined by the astronomer; for the sign of shabbat is between believer and HaShem, and thus ought to be readily apparent upon simple reflection.
Solomon's Temple
  Tony Badillo understands Solomon's Temple as being representative of the human form, the temple's architecture and furnishings representing a "Temple Man," a composit of three biblical figures (the High Priest, Jacob, and a "Metallic Messiah") in a single composition, one figure aliginging atop the other. Biblical measurements and description of the temple are given at 1 Kings 6:1-35, and in 2 Chronicles 3:1-17.  
Many of you will want to begin here.
Key of David includes in its presentation pages that position the Greek Koine alphabet within the Shield of David, demonstrating again that the geometry of the alphabets of Western mankind is woven into the fabric of our life experience.
  The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association offers professional photographs and scholarly articles on one of the great wonders of the world.
The Revelatorium
  The Revelatorium is not for feeble souls, but it has been shown to me in the Spirit that the presentation is pure gold, which signifies the Wisdom that is from Above. If you cannot accept it, then do not: times and ways and means are in the hands of HYH. I strongly recommend that all who visit read the material in the Spirit and not with human intelligence. The Spirit answers honest doubt.  
cabala alefbet
  The alefbet traditions of cabalah are consistent with more familiar meanings of the Paleo-Hebrew alefbet, as at the Bet HaShem Midrash website.
  Rob Strange has developed a construction tool that facilitates experimentation with sacred geometry and other shapes. Many demonstrations of its capabilites are provided within his site. offers many materials for the student of scripture. All is free. My favorite link on the site is the Parallel Hebrew Old Testament, which presents the text in both modern and ancient Hebrew character sets, along with transliteration and numerous translations. Very useful.
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