My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he stands behind our wall,..he looks forth at the windows, showing himself through the lattice.m mmmmm is the name of a domain on the world-wide web; it is not an organization.
The Kingdom of Heaven-- of Names/Shemayim-- is organized within and among us by the Breath of HaShem.
Our duty is to attune our ears, as we are enabled, and to follow in its wake as best we can.
To that end, this site's content has been generated and funded by Bob Finton, who is also known as Bora ben Elazar and as Sequoyah.
Continuing thanks to:
Eric J. Wilkens, who penned most of the illustrations;
Michael Murphy, for sharing his approach to kabbalah;
and to Shmuel Ben Aharon-Wahli, for instruction in the Sinaitic Hebrew of Torah.

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The perspective of materials within this website admit of no conflict between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim
scriptures: any perceived conflict is the result of inventions or of misinterpretation,
sustained and amplified by cultural traditions.

It is thus written of Babylon the Great-- of the Great Confusion that pervades all nations--
Come out of her, my people!
May reconciliation and inward rest come to all who call upon The Name in these days of trial.