destroy (abad, ovad, avad)
to cease, desist; to be lost; to wander, be distracted; to loosen, fumble, lose; to perish.

Notaricon: concepts/a that inhibit/b insight/d; ideas/a that build/b upon obstruction/d; the restrictive influence/a of forms/b along the path/d; diminished/a awareness/b and opportunity/d; to focus/a upon fleshly/b fervor/d; a reduction/a in conscious/b empathy/d; concepts/a accepted/b for expedience/d; to limit/a a household's/b opportunities/d; to belittle/a awareness/b or sentiment/d.

Gematria and Numerological Value: 7/z: termination.


Targum: the knife (7/z) slices (7/z).

Compare destroy