Numerology Value 75: hu


Word Form: tynrja   Value Definition: comprehensive/u discernment/h. See <g669>.
Reduction = 3/g/going beyond.
Oral Tradition: otherwise; differently, contrarily; backwards; it will be/t my/y last/ultimate/nrja.   Notaricon: a concentrated/a effort/j of thought/r reversal/n to attain/y unto measurement of the past/present/future/t; focus/a that helps/j the mind/r configure/n acts/y that regenerate/t.
Word Form: nrap lya   Value Definition: full/u enlightenment/h. See <g372>.
Reduction = 3/g/vocalization.
Oral Tradition: El-paran; oak/ram/lya of glorification/nrap.   Notaricon: Principle/a presents/y an elder/l to enunciate/p the focused/a thought/r of the Son of Man/n.



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