Numerology Value 68: js


Word Form: rjcyja   Value Definition: trustworthy/s elation/j. See <g527>.
Reduction = 5/h/light rays.
Oral Tradition: Ahishar; my/y brother/ja is the dawn/rjc.   Notaricon: principle/a labors/j to bring/y wisdom/c out of elevated/j thought/r; concepts/a arise/j to activate/y the glory/c and joy/j of knowledge/r.
Word Form: prjyla   Value Definition: frayed/s harmony/j. See <g329>.
Reduction = 5/h/isolation.
Oral Tradition: Elihoreph; my/y god/la hibernates/prj; my/y god/la of winter/prj; my/y mighty/la reproach/prj.   Notaricon: a forceful/a goad/l to performance/y of labors/j that are determined/r by extremity/p.
Word Form: twnmla   Value Definition: a frayed/s covenant/j. See <g527>.
Reduction = 5/h/separation.
Oral Tradition: abandonment of wife; destitution.   Notaricon: the intense/a affliction/l accompanying the loss/m of a man/n with whom you are bonded/w unto eternity/t.
Word Form: nqtla   Value Definition: reliable/s perspective/j. See <g581>.
Reduction = 5/h/discrimination.
Oral Tradition: Eltekon; God/la is straight/right/nqt; God/la repairs/nqt.   Notaricon: the Life Force/Principle/a encourages/l measurements/t that confirm/q configuration/n; the Life Force/Principle//a prompts/l regeneration/t by purifying/q potentiality/n.
Word Form: anrpsa   Value Definition: responsible/s work/j. See <g392>.
Reduction = 5/h/instantaneous.
Oral Tradition: diligently; speedily; strictly: i.e., with exactness.   Notaricon: to focus/a steadfastly/s on a command/p and perform/y swiftly/m.
Word Form: nwdj rsa   Value Definition: trust/s and commitment/j. See <g329>.
Reduction = 5/h/enlightenment.
Oral Tradition: Esar-haddon; renouncer/jrsa of strife/nwd.   Notaricon: to expanda the framework/s of thought/r in order to broaden/j insights/d and weigh/w potentialities/n.
Word Form: tydwdca   Value Definition: relies/s on affiliations/j. See <g725>.
Reduction = 5/h/separatist.
Oral Tradition: Asdodite; the sign/language/t of the Ashdodites/ydwdca.   Notaricon: intensely/a tortured/c hearts/d evaluate/w their chances/d of achieving/y restoration/t.



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