Gematria & Numerology 7: z

Word Form: dba 
Oral Tradition: destroy; to be lost; to cease, perish; to lose; to wander; to be distracted; to loosen.
Value Definition: to apply the sword, to terminate/z.
Notaricon: concepts/a that envelop/inhibit/b insight/d; ideas/a entertained/b that obstruct/d; restrictive force/influence/a of form/flesh/b upon the path/d; diminished/a awareness/b of the path/d; to project/a fleshly/b insights/d; reduced/a consciousness/b of the heart/d; concepts/a interiorized/b solely for the sake of gaining entrance/d; to diminish/a a household's/b opportunities/d.

Word Form: gga   Value Definition: endings/z.
Oral Tradition: Agag; ruling power of Amalek.   Notaricon: an explosive power/a conveyed/g through processes/g; a thorny/a entanglement/g in a process/g; an explosive/a transmission/g of vocalizations/g.
Word Form: bda   Value Definition: to slay/z.
Oral Tradition: to grieve; to sadden, make sorrowful, aggrieve; to make polite.   Notaricon: to diminish/a the heart/d and soul/b; to narrow/a perceptions/d and consciousness/b; to limit/a the opportunity/d for development/b; to broaden/a perceptions/d through interiorization/b.
Word Form: wa   Value Definition: marker/z.
Oral Tradition: or; either; neither, nor, etc.; shortened form of desire/hwa.   Notaricon: a broad/a conjunction/w; a wide/a yoke/w; an expansive/a bonding/w.
Word Form: adb    Value Definition: pursuits/z.
Oral Tradition: invent; to devise, feign, fabricate, concoct, confabulate.   Notaricon: to fabricate/b insights/d according to a concept/a; to formulate/b a means/d to power/a; to entertain/b insights/d that cause diminishment/a.
Word Form: bad    Value Definition: to be marked, penetrated/z.
Oral Tradition: mourn; to grieve, languish, pine, lament; to be sad, sorrowful; to faint; sorrow, anxiety, sadness, anuish, grief, distress, regret.   Notaricon: a heart/d diminished/a via interiorization/b; gateway/d to inward/a development/b.
Word Form: abd    Value Definition: completed/z.
Oral Tradition: overflow; to be affluent; abundance, comfort, contentment, complacency; strength; old age.   Notaricon: a heart/d that houses/b an expansive Life Force/a; a pervasive/d interiorization/b of concepts/a; doorway/d to the house/b of diminishment or expansion/a.


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