Gematria 69: fs


Word Form: swba   Value Definition: support/s of community/f. See <n24>.
Oral Tradition: feeding trough; manger, stall, crib; fattened.   Notaricon: seed/a container/b that dispenses/w sustenance/s; concept/a interiorization/b for balance/w and support/s; principle's/a forms/b locked/w in a shelter/s.
Word Form: nwyba   Value Definition: supports/s the resolution of opposites/f. See <n33>.
Oral Tradition: poor; humble; beggar; destituted; miserable, needy.   Notaricon: a beginning/a state of development/b that promotes/y mercy/w in all dimensions of life/n; an initial/a consciousness/b that obtains/y mercy/w in many contexts/n; a diminished/a household/b to stimulate/y an outpouring/w of potentiality/n; conceptsa interiorized/b to bring/y judgment/w and reversal/n.
Word Form: bdnyba   Value Definition: support/s of the assembly/f. See <n33>.
Oral Tradition: Abinadab; my/y father/ba donates/b dn.   Notaricon: an expansive/a soul/b supplies/y the desires/n of the heart/d through acceptance/b; life force/a that formulates/b gifts/y from potentiality/n for the altar/d within/b.
Word Form: nyja   Value Definition: supportive/s reinforcement/f. See <n33>.
Oral Tradition: Ahian; nephew; my/y brother's/ja potentiality/n.   Notaricon: close/a relationship/j with shared/y purposes/n.



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