Gematria & Numerology 3: g


Word Form: ba
Oral Tradition: father, progenitor, forefather, patriarch; a person of importance, deserving of honor; thought source; driving force of personality, motivations; master, principal influence; God; explosive life: greenness, the bud, sprout, tender shoot; youth.
Value Definition: force that drives/conveys from one level to another/g.
Notaricon: master/a of the house/b; the dominant force/a within a house/body/b; the vitality/a of the body/b; the angel/a within the body/b; the Life Force/a within the soul/b; an expansion/a means/b: the ego/a in developmental stages/b; seed/a formation/b; one whose seed/a is acceptable/b; concepts/seed/a that develop/expand/b; expands/a forms/b; sight/a and hearing/b; a primal/a manifestation/b; the intent/a to engage/b; to identify/a and shape/b.


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