Gematria 216: wyr


Word Form: jrza   Value Definition: mind/r blessed/y in unity/w; authority/r to give/receive/y the yoke/w. See <n36>.
Oral Tradition: native; home-born, citizen.   Notaricon: rooted/a and established/z in knowledge/r of covenant and service/j; planted/a with a goal/z to mastery/r and ascension/j; a life force/a complete/z in honorability/r and trustworthiness/j.
Word Form: hyra   Value Definition: control/r achieved/y by joining/engaging/w. See <n36>.
Oral Tradition: gathering; herding; young lion; (biblical) crib, stable, stall, manger.   Notaricon: consolidation/a and control/r achieved/y by separation/collection/h; the power/a and control/r asserted/y by claws/h.



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