Gematria 510: yq t


Word Form: cr y   Value Definition: to measure/t a kingdom's/q blessings/y. See <n51>.
Oral Tradition: inherit; to possess, take possession; to succeed, follow after, occupy.   Notaricon: to attain/y authority/r through wisdom/c; to acquire/y by the axe/r of annihilation/c; to receive/y the King's/r peace/c.
Word Form: rcy   Value Definition: measured/t by consecrated/q actions/y. See <n51>.
Oral Tradition: Jesher, Jasher; straight, straightened, levelled; smooth, aligned; straightforward, just, upright, righteous; pleasing, agreeable, fair, honest; righteousness, equity, honesty, integrity, sincerity.   Notaricon: blessed/y with wisdom/c and knowledge/r; the hand/y is strengthened/c by the mind/r; active/y utilization/c of honor/r.
Word Form: cyr   Value Definition: measurement/t of a domain's/q owndership/y; sign/t of an empty/q hand/y. See <n51>.
Oral Tradition: poverty; penury, destitution; head, principal, chief; the twentieth letter of the Hebrew alefbet.   Notaricon: poverty/r is the gift/y of wisdom/c; the axe/r deprives/y and shatters/c; governor/r that manages/y and utilizes/c.
Word Form: r yc   Value Definition: measurement/t of holy/q writ/y. See <n51>.
Oral Tradition: sing; to praise; song, chant, hymn, poem, poetry, music; chain, braclet; retention; sojourner, wayfarer, traveller.   Notaricon: wisdom/c provides/y beauty/r; strength/c to attain/y the mountain/r



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