Gematria 372: boc


Word Form: nrap lya   Value Definition: wisdom/c surrounds/o the house/b. See <n75>.
Oral Tradition: El-paran; oak/ram/lya of glorification/nrap.   Notaricon: Principle/a presents/y an elder/l to enunciate/p the focused/a thought/r of the Son of Man/n.
Word Form: ubc   Value Definition: wisdom/c satisfies/o the flesh/b. See <n39>.
Oral Tradition: Sheba; to be satisfied, satiated, sated; to be content; to quench thirst; to receive enough, be filled, have abundance; to satiate, content, satisfy; contented, replete, full, satisfied, satiated, pleased; satisfaction, abundance, plenty, repletion, surfeit, plenty fullness; seven; to perform seven times; to multiply by seven.   Notaricon: wisdom's/c formulates/b understanding/u; strength/c to interiorize/b understandings/u; to glow/c with physical/b satisfaction/u.



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