Gematria 343: gmc


Word Form: mymrk lba   Value Definition: a stimulating/c flow/m that lifts/g. See <n82>.
Oral Tradition: Abel-Keramim; Meadow/lba of Vineyards/mymrk; plain/lba of heaps/mymrk.   Notaricon: expanded/a consciousness/b leads/l to branching/k thoughts/r that release/m the gifts/y of the anointed/m; the principles/a housed within forms/b lead to/l teachings/k extracted from/m shared/y reflections/m.
Word Form: ylbca   Value Definition: wisdom/c reflected/m in vocalizations/g. See <n46>.
Oral Tradition: Ashbelites; fire/ca is my/y master/lwb; I shall become/a my own/y inevitability/lbc.   Notaricon: an emanation/a of wisdom/c that formulates/b mature/l actions/y.



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